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Dawn Preset Pack
  • Dawn Preset Pack


    For the past few months, I have been saving my edits on Lightroom as Presets, in order to streamline my editing process. I have tweaked the presets to work with almost every image, making the skin tones accurate, and the colours tasteful. I had planned to use these Presets to maintain a definite colour palette in my Instagram Grid.


    But, recently, upon recieving multiple comments on the look of my images, I had decided to make my most used presets available to download. So this is the "DAWN Preset Pack". Apply these to your image to instantly get a filmic look. It accentuates the golden sunlight, appearing at DAWN. 


    If the presets do not work to a specific photo, you can still go in and adjust settings to make sure it works, but I hope it does not come down to that, as I have spent months trying to get these presets to work with almost any photo..

    So enjoy using these Presets..

    • How to add to Lightroom?

      Instructions on how to add these to your Lightroom CC:

      For Lightroom CC Mobile, download these to your PC, and extract them.

      You will get 4 DNG files. Copy them to your Smartphone.

      Import them into Lightroom, and click the three dots on the top right corner,

      Select "Create Preset" and there you go! 



      After extracting, import these into Lightroom, and click create preset from the left hand side..

      There you go!


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