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What’s the best camera?(Photography)

When presented with that question, most photographers go ,”The best camera is the one that you have with you right now”. But they have expensive equipment that a hobbiyist cannot even dream of having. SO, we decided to put this claim to the test. What is the camera you have with you right now?

Chances are it might be a smartphone. What seperates a smartphone and a DSLR? Sensor size and optics. What’s so bad about a phone? Well…’s a phone….so it’s bad.

Well, we have got to this point my friends. Now-a-days the respect gained by owning a DSLR outweighs the quality of the photo taken. So, now, to the core of this article, can you use a smartphone and attain great results?

First of all, the saying, “The best camera is the one that you have with you right now” caught on because you might be familiar with the camera you have right now, you know it’s strengths and weaknesses. So, you can utilize it to it’s fullest potential.

What do we infer from this? To attain good results, we must know our camera inside out. SO, the first step to that is to go shoot. Just walk outside, look at things, and try to shoot them. AS you’re shooting, learn the in’s and out’s of your camera(in this case,a phone).

If you had done the last step, then you will know how your phone performs in day-to-day conditions. For photography, the next step is to edit your photos. I will recommend SNAPSEED and ADOBE LIGHTROOM MOBILE CC as starters and VSCO once you’ve mastered the former two. But be sure to not over-edit your photos, they will damage the photo as a whole, since they weren’t shot in RAW.

That was the perfect segue into the next step. Shoot RAW. ADOBE LIGHTROOM MOBILE has an in-built camera app that enables you to shoot RAW, if your smartphone can handle it. Most FLAGSHIPS now-a-days can handle RAW photos.

If you’ve done all the above steps, and you still want to improve, I suggest you buy LENSES for your phone(surprised pikachu face)!. There is a company called APEXEL, which make excellent quality lenses, on a budget. ( )

But, if you fancy yourselves something better, but pricier, there is this well-known company called MOMENT( ).

There ya go, now, if you had followed everything here, you might just be a better photographer, not just on mobile.




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