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What is happening to REDOX Media?

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

The name, REDOX Media, which was the former name of my YouTube channel, has almost been phased out. What has happened to REDOX Media?

REDOX Media was the production company that I started, to help give a domain to my creative endeavours. It was name-dropped in some early videos on my channel, crediting it as, "Produced by REDOX StudioZ", as it was called back then. But as the focus of the channel began to shift more towards Media related content, the channel was renamed as REDOX Media, and all the videos under it were its own productions.

But soon, the limitations of having a "film-making" oriented name hit us soon, so I made it my personal portfolio, as I felt it was important to focus on my own work rather than develop a company. Slowly, the name was phased out.

But where is REDOX Media now?

REDOX Media is still a thing, dont worry, infact, it has grown to encompass more than just my creative endeavours to being the production company behind many different brands. It has been rebranded as AVN Visuals, to better represent itself to its target clients.

  • One such endeavour of AVN Visuals is Oven-You, a cooking show on Youtube, aimed at beginner chefs to improve their skills as much as possible.

  • The YouTube channel of "410 Media" is also being produced by AVN Visuals, an avenue of all sorts of geeky stuff.

  • The Instagram account of is also being run by AVN Visuals, with it handling the social media side of their brand.

Basically, AVN Visuals has become its own production company, with different brands utilizing its services.


Pranav AVN

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